Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why my husband isn't allowed to talk to strangers and other random Saturday thoughts

My hubby is no longer allowed to talk to strangers. Especially not strangers at Home Depot offering up "free" gift cards for participating in water tests. We lost 2.5 hours of our Friday night to an in-home water test/demo/sales pitch, all for the lure of a $25 Home Depot gift card. The woman was very nice, but seriously? Who thinks it's a good idea to crash someone's Friday night at dinnertime with two hungry kids? We even cooked dinner for the kids around her. And that, friends, is why my husband is no longer allowed to talk to strangers. I think I'm gonna call a Kirby vacuum rep to stop by on a Thursday morning while he's home- ha!

Our Saturday morning is off to a good start- the kids sat for 20 minutes comparing each individual Frosted Flake as they ate- "mine's the hugest.... mine's the mediumest." Cute. Until it somehow turned into a discussion of the dog's butthole. B is now fascinated by that tunnel o'stank.

Now they are playing dogs. I have no idea what D's dog name is, but B is "Buttercup." And he's a yappy SOB. I found myself thinking "Shut the eff up, Buttercup" just a minute ago.

Something occurred to me when I spied the fattest robin ever sitting on our fence- why aren't there mutt birds? Eagles mate with eagles, robins mate with robins, and so on. How are they that smart?

Here's hoping for a swell weekend.... and you bet your @$$ I'm going to go spend that $25 at Home Depot this weekend!

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  1. Bet he doesn't talk to anyone at HD, again! I hope "Buttercup" has lost his yap by Monday! :) And, I think those mousey brown birds might be mutts.....just sayin'.