Wednesday, February 22, 2012


love such ideas


1. Listening- to Pandora and trying to drown out the noisy wind
2. Eating- nothing right now. Lots of tater tots earlier.
3. Drinking- water. Exciting, I know.
4. Wearing- flannel jammie pants, the shirt I wore to run in and my Columbia fleece jacket. Oh, and Mooch.
5. Feeling- sleepy and happy tomorrow's the last day of my work week
6. Weather- effing windy!
7. Wanting- not much :)
8. Needing- think I'm good!
9. Thinking- trying not to, since it's after 5PM
10. Enjoying- the peace and quiet- no arguing kids, barking dog or dinging email. Thank goodness!
Nighty night!

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