Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From the Archives

Ha, archives! This is part of a post from the blog I started last year. There was some blah blah about work and other general nonsense, then this:

Most of the reason I wanted to write this post is what D asked me to do the last two nights at bedtime. She asked me to tell her 10 things about my grandmas, one of whom is living, and one who passed in 2002. I thought it was so cute and sweet, and it brings back funny memories of my childhood. So I'll try to remember the 10 things I told her for each one.

My Grandma C, who is in heaven:
1. She was bitten by a brown recluse and survived, but lost all of her hair and wore a wig for a few years.
2. She had a hole in the skin on her forehead that she said was from the measles, but I was always convinced it went INTO her head, and was fascinated by it when I was little.
3. She would get completely giggly whenever she would drink- hot chocolate with Buttershots, or Bud Light Ice were her faves.
4. My grandma hated her teeth but I thought she had a beautiful smile.
5. She was a great driver- the best of anyone I know, besides myself ;o)
6. She LOVED LOVED LOVED to shop, and had stuff stashed everywhere in her bedroom
7. My grandma didn't get her ears pierced until she was in her mid-50's, and got them double pierced. I thought that was so cool.
8. She was a super good bowler (I think, anyway), as she always bowled with my grandpa
9. My grandma didn't cook much, ever. I don't know if she hated it, or didn't know how.
10. My grandma was the BEST color-er ever. I loved coloring with her!

My other grandma, who is still kicking (and quite stubborn):
1. She used to have these cool cat-eye glasses. They would be fun to have for playing dress up.
2. She used to smoke like a chimney and drink beer. I remember her sitting on her old upside down milk crate in her driveway, drinking a beer after gardening. I thought it was weird when I was little, but now I think that's a pretty awesome way to spend an afternoon.
3. She used to get up at like 3AM when my brother and I would stay the night there, and play solitaire at the dining room table and smoke.
4. She used to let us eat absolute crap for dinner. I recall having hot dogs with mustard, and piles of pickles and green olives. Holy sodium!
5. She used to record movies off TV like a madwoman. Always had a pile of VHS tapes and had no regard for what was age appropriate. I remember watching Cannonball Run when I was about 7.
6. She knows some odd old phrases, which are quite funny. Case in point: "It's slicker than snot on a door handle." That one had me howling.
7. Her old house had ancient telephones, and little woven straw organizers hung by the phones. So 1970's.
8. She lived by a little convenience store, and most weekend nights when we were there, we'd walk over and get candy or ice cream. Most of the junk food I ate during childhood was at her house.
9. She had these crazy old ashtrays that stood about 3 feet tall and seemed super fancy to me.
10. She had a giant old station wagon (green) that she drove. It didn't have seatbelts, but it had bunjee cords! So we'd get in and she'd say "Bunjee up!"

I think D has started a good thing- I love sharing memories, and seeing how much she enjoys it. She just giggles and asks things like "what's an ashtray? what's a bunjee cord?" Love that kid!

Excuses, excuses!

I have to get this post up tonight so I can say I officially DID start my blog in January 2012! I just read the one I started last year, almost a year to the day- and that was the only post I had on there EVER. I'll have to figure out how to move it over because I liked writing it :)

Anyhow, I have a million excuses for not posting (I would say frequently, but what I really mean is at all). My goal with this blog is to update it at least a couple of times a week, if not more. We have lots of exciting stuff going on this year, which I will fill you in on. I also have some pretty funny stories to share if there should ever be a lack of "fresh" material to post. I have a very short memory, so I'm hoping that blogging will help to back up my faulty memory.

Although I know nothing about creating a blog, adding gadgets, photos, and so on, I thought I would just dive into this blogging business and figure it out as I go. Therefore my blog may look a little ghetto while I figure that out. Bear with me!

Well on that note, I'll say good night, mostly to my mom because she's probably the only one reading this. Hi Mom!

: ) SMD